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How to Interpret Enrolled Agent Exam Questions

ea exam pass rate

However, your total time at the Prometric testing center will be 4 hours, as your appointment includes 30 minutes for a pre-exam tutorial and a post-exam customer satisfaction survey. Moreover, you should arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. To be more specific, this is the list of topics to study if you’re planning on taking the EA exams from May 1, 2023, to February 28, 2024. However, remember that the EA exam syllabus actually tests on the Internal Revenue Code, forms, and publications that were current through December 31, 2022.

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Similarly to the CPA exam, you’ll have the freedom to choose the order in which you take each section of the EA exam. The EA examination allows up to 4 retesting sessions per testing window. Even though both CPAs and EAs work in the accounting sector, there are several differences between the designations. For instance, CPAs primarily focus on providing consultation services and tax return preparation.

SEE content/scoring

ea exam pass rate

This is likely due to an increase in candidates taking the Enrolled Agent exam as they try to get the designation, which is becoming increasingly popular. While this is all good news, none of it suggests that you should take the EA exam lightly. Your goal is not just to pass the exam eventually, but to pass it effectively (i.e., on your first try). So, now that you know about the enrolled agent pass rate, you can begin to strategize to become an EA. Next, it’s time to start thinking about your enrolled agent exam prep.

Enrolled Agent Exam Syllabus: IRS SEE Exam Parts 1-3

CE requirements are determined at the state levels and are cyclical (e.g. 120 hours in 3 years.) Your employer may or may not bear the cost of CPE or licensure. The Enrolled Agent exam is a multiple-choice test, which means there is always only one correct answer. If you can eliminate even one distractor, your chances of guessing the correct answer go up significantly.

  • The experimental questions spread throughout the exam, and you will not be able to identify them as such.
  • That candidate has until Nov. 15, 2024 to pass the remaining part.
  • Some examples of job titles held by CPAs include CFO, controller, tax specialist or auditor.
  • If more candidates are sitting, but fewer are passing, then Part 1 is presenting more of a challenge than Part 2 or Part 3.
  • Qualifying employment with the IRS could exempt you from having to take the exam.

The EA exam has 300 questions spread across 3 different exam parts. The EA exam, also known as the SEE IRS exam (Special Enrollment Examination), is a 3-part exam that tests your knowledge and ability to become an enrolled ea exam pass rate agent. Plus, keep in mind that an on-screen timer shows the time you have remaining for the exam. Nevertheless, you may leave the testing room to drink water or use the restroom, but the exam timer will not stop.

Steps to becoming an enrolled agent:

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Fast Forward Academy EA Review + Discounts 2024.

Posted: Thu, 16 May 2024 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Do you have the enrolled agent exam syllabus?

  • You won’t be able to tell which questions will contribute to your exam score, so you should instead dedicate your mental energy toward answering to the best of your ability.
  • Just like the CPA exam and other standardized tests, these IRS special enrollment exam pass rates are influenced by various factors.
  • The IRS syllabus also specifies how many questions the exam allots to each topic.
  • Our instructors possess a deep knowledge of EA Exam subject areas and are committed to helping you pass.
  • Sample test questions are also available as examples of the types of questions that may appear on the examination.
  • Exam changes can also impact pass rates, but they don’t have to affect your chance at EA exam success.

ea exam pass rate

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